Instruction for Speakers

Instruction for Speakers

  1. Only computer presentations will be available.
  2. Your presentation data must be prepared in English.
  3. Please list any financial relations with commercial interests and place a slide at the beginning of your presentation data. If there is nothing to be disclosed, presenters are also required to place a slide to demonstrate nothing to disclose.
  4. Oral Style Presentation Guideline:
  5. A. Bring your presentation data on a USB flash drive to the Speaker Ready Desk. Windows is the only operating system available for the presentations. If you have prepared the presentation data on a Macintosh, you are required to bring your own laptop with a HDMI adaptor. *For those wishing to show a movie, please bring your own laptop. You are also required to make sure that your data has not been infected by any virus in advance by using the latest version of the security software.

    B. Please review your data at the Speaker Ready Desk and check whether all the data are shown properly.

    C. You are required to check your presentation data at the Speaker Ready Desk (PC Preview Center) and bring your laptop to the operation desk in your session room, 30 minutes prior to the session starts. Following the conclusion of your session, we will return your laptop at the operation desk.

    D. If you need any assistance with the set-up, please do not hesitate to ask for an assistance at the Speaker Ready Desk(PC Preview Center).

    E. When you are next one in line to give your presentation, please be seated on the Next Speakers Seat.

    F. JSES 2023 will not be responsible for any troubles caused by the operation or actions that do not follow the guidelines.

  6. Speaker Ready Desk(PC Preview Center) will be open during the following hours. Speakers are required to present their data at least 30 minutes before the session starts.

Speaker Ready Desk/PC Preview Center (Foyer, 3F, Convention Center)

December 7 (Thu.) 7:30 – 17:00
December 8 (Fri.) 7:30 – 17:30
December 9 (Sat.) 7:20 – 14:30

OS and Applications

OS: Windows 10
Applications: PowerPoint 2021

Presentation Slide Dimension / Monitor Size (Resolution)

Full HD (1920×1080)

Please check in advance that all data appear properly.

Slide sizes are recommended to be in 16:9 format though 4:3 format is also available.

Please insert COI Disclosure in the second slide of your presentation.

Backup Data

Please also bring a backup data on a media (either or USB).


Please use default-setting fonts of Windows 10.

File Name of the Presentation Data

Please write file names in the following manner: “Presentation Number_Speaker’s Name”

Movies Data

For those who wish to show a movie, it is recommended to bring your laptop to run the presentation slide. Movies should be prepared in Windows Media Player for Windows users and QuickTime Movie for Macintosh users. Movie data should be saved in the same folder as your presentation data.


Sound function will be available.
Please notify the Speaker Ready Desk staff that your presentation data contains audio files.

Presentation in the session rooms

When you come up to the stage, your first slide will be projected on the screen automatically.
Any following operations must be self-operated by the speaker. For those who wish to have an operator for PC handlings, please ask for an assistance.

Data Deletion

All data saved into the server will be completely deleted upon the completion of the Congress.