AsiaPRevent(Asian International Session)

General Information

JACR2024 (Japanese Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation) Annual Meeting in Kobe: Asian International Session
AsiaPRevent is an Asian International Session to be held at the same time as the JACR Annual Meeting.
There will be free registration for accepted speakers from outside Japan.


July 13(Sat.) – 14 (Sun.), 2024

AsiaPRevent will be held on both July 13 (Sat) and 14 (Sun).


Kobe International Conference Center
6-9-1, Minatojima-nakamachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo, 650-0046, Japan

Kobe International Exhibition Hall
6-11-1, Minatojima-nakamachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo, 650-0046, Japan

Congress Chairperson

Masataka Sata, MD, PhD
Department of Cardiovascular Medicine
Tokushima University Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences


Registration Fees from outside Japan

Doctors / Regular Free
Medical Staff / Resident Free
Students Free


  • On-site presentation only
  • Further information on the presentations will be provided

COI sample slide

COI sample slide

Abstract Submission

Abstract Deadline

January 10 (Wed.), 2024 Noon (JST)
January 31 (Wed.), 2024 Noon (JST)
Abstract submission has been closed.
  • All abstracts should be written in English.
  • Please choose your abstract category from the table below.
  • Abstracts should include Background, Aims, Methods, Results and Conclusions
  • The maximum word count is 250, excluding title and author names.
    [Word Limit]
    Without table or figure: Within 250 words
    With table or figure: Within 220 words
  • There is no submission fee.
  • Abstracts will be reviewed by JACR (AsiaPRevent Committee Members) and decisions will be sent around March/April 2024.
  • The Registration fee for all accepted speakers from outside Japan are not required.
  • Please note that all first authors from Japan must be a member of Japanese Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation.

Abstract Category

No. Category Name No. Category Name
1 Ischemic heart disease 21 Basic science research/ Translational research
2 Valvular disease 22 Modes of exercise training/ Exercise prescription
3 Heart failure/ Cardiomyopathy 23 Physical therapy/ ADL
4 Cardiac surgery・Vascular surgery 24 Acute phase of cardiac rehabilitation/ Early intervention
5 Aortic disease・Perivascular disease 25 Maintenance phase of cardiac rehabilitation
6 Pulmonary hypertension/ Pulmonary circulation 26 Non-exercise-based therapy/ Newly invented intervention/ New technology
7 Ventricular assist device/Heart transplantation 27 Patient education/ Counseling/ Smoking cessation
8 Arrhythmia/ Cardiac devices/ Cardiac resynchronization therapy 28 Nutritional therapy/ Nutritional counselling/ Supplement
9 Chronic kidney disease/ End stage renal disease 29 Medication consultation/ Medication compliance
10 Lung disease/ Pulmonary rehabilitation/ Sleep apnea syndrome/ Mechanical ventilation 30 Adherence in cardiac rehabilitation
11 Orthopedic disorders/ Cerebrovascular complication 31 Disease management program/ Preventing hospital readmissions
12 Sarcopenia/ Frailty 32 Management of cardiac rehabilitation/ Inter-professional work
13 Aging/ Gender/ Elderly 33 Regional alliances/ Home health care
14 Coronary risk factor/ Diabetes/ Dyslipidemia/ Atherosclerosis/ Obesity/Metabolic syndrome 34 Medical safety management/ Staff training programs/ Team Medicine
15 Mental and psychological disorder 35 Medical fee schedule/ Health economics/ Health care system
16 Exercise test/ Gas analysis 36 Primary prevention/ Epidemiology
17 Exercise physiology/ Pulmonary physiology 37 Behavioral medicine
18 Cardiac/ Vascular function 38 AI、IoT
19 Skeletal muscle function/ Skeletal muscle metabolism 39 Others
20 Autonomic nervous system/ Neurohumoral factor


  • AsiaPRevent 2024
  • Dates; July 13(Sat.) – 14 (Sun.), 2024
  • Presentations will be accepted for oral presentations or poster presentation. The decision of oral or poster presentation will be made by the Congress Chairperson.
  • Further information on the presentations will be provided.

AsiaPRevent 2024 Travel Grant and Award Certificate

Overseas Speakers

  • Your abstact should be reviewed by the AsiaPRevent committee members.
  • Registration fee will not be charged to accepted speakers from overseas.
  • Besides, travel grant (JPY 30,000 (not including tax) per person) will be offered when your abstract is evaluated as excellent by the review.
  • Travel grant would be provided to selected 20 speakers.
  • Notice: Travel grant is NOT provided to the oversea board members of the AsiaPRevent.

Domestic Speakers

  • We offer the Award Certificate and JPY 20,000 (not including tax)/person to maximum 10 researchers who present an outstanding study.
  • This award will not be offered for AsiaPRevent board members.


Abstracts will be published in the JACR journal as a supplement.


An acknowledgement via e-mail will be sent to confirm receipt of your abstract. If you do not receive an acknowledgement within 5 days of your submission, please contact the JACR2024 Secretariat Office at


Japan Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation
2-23-1-260 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0053 Japan

Congress Secretariat (abstract handling desk)

Japan Convention Services, Inc.
2F Keihanshin Yodoyabashi Building, 4-4-7 Imabashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-0042, Japan