Call for abstracts

Abstract Submission Instructions

Abstract Submission Instructions

Abstract Submission Period

August 23rd (Wed.) – 5:00PM, September 27th (Wed.), 2023 (JST)

– 5:00 PM, October 10th (Tue.), 2023(JST)

Abstract Submission is now closed.
Thank you for your submission.

Abstract Submission Requirements

There will be 2 sessions at JUA2024.

1. Poster Discussion
2. Paper Poster or e-poster

International Best Presentation Award will be given to the best abstract submitted to Poster Discussion from overseas.

International Session Award (Oral Presentation + Poster Viewing)

  • Should you be accepted for this session, you are required to prepare both a Poster for Viewing and an Oral Presentation.
  • Pre-registration of your Poster Data IS REQUIRED before the congress.
  • Should your abstract be unaccepted, we will ask you to have a presentation at the International Session Poster (Moderated). However, please note that the final decision of the program will be made by the congress president.

1. International Session Oral

  • All presentations should be Powerpoint presentations using PC (Windows only)

2. International Session Poster (Moderated)

  • All Poster presentations will be moderated.
  • Pre-registration of your poster data is NOT REQUIRED.

Submission Requirements

Language English

(Abstract Title) Within 160 characters

(Abstract Body) Within 1,600 characters

* Please include objectives, methods, results and conclusions.


Maximum of 13 authors (including the first author)

* Please list the presenter as the first author.

Please note

  • You may choose a topic category of your presentation from the list below. The final decision, however, is the discretion of the congress president.
  • When printing in the Program, we will not edit your submitted abstracts. Therefore, you should be mindful of spell checking and grammatical correctness at the time of submission.
  • Once registration deadline is closed, no change requests of the title, co-authors, or any others may be accepted.
  • Ethical considerations must be provided with your presentation, such as when animals are used in your clinical samples.

COI (Conflict of Interest) Disclosure Declaration

The first author of the presentation must disclose all necessary information in the provided COI form at the time of registration as well as for presentation.

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Structure of Abstract

Topic Categories

1 Adrenals 12 Neuro-urology
2 Upper tract benign disease 13 Incontinence
3 Kidney transplantation 14 Infertility
4 Renal tumors 15 Andrology
5 Urothelial tumors 16 Sexual dysfunction
6 Urinary reconstruction 17 Infectious disease
7 Prostate cancer 18 Stones
8 Testis tumors 19 Trauma and emergencies
9 Penile cancer 20 Pediatric urology
10 Male LUTS 21 Urethroplasty and genital reconstruction
11 Female LUTS 22 Others

Acceptance Notice

Abstracts will be reviewed by the Organizing Committee. Acceptance of abstracts will be notified by e-mail to the first/presenting author by December, 2023.

The decision of the Organizing Committee is final.

All abstracts accepted will be published in the program book that will be distributed to congress attendees. It will also be placed in the congress app.

Abstract Submission Page

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Inquries for Abstract Submission

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