IDF-WPR Congress 2023/15th Scientific Meeting of AASD(IDF-WPR/AASD 2023)

Scientific Program

Program at a Glance

10th JADEC/IDF-WPR/AASD co-organized lecture
(with simultaneous interpretation in English)

Organization of Care for Diabetes-related Foot Disease- Interdisciplinary management, International Medical Collaboration and Guidelines in the past 25 years-

Date: July 23 (Sun), 2023
Time: 11:00-12:00
Room: Main Hall
Chair Yasuo Terauchi (Japan)
Speaker: Shigeo Kono (Kono Clinic (Diabetology & Endocrinology), Japan)


  • IDW-WPR 2023 Presidential Lecture
    Chair: Alicia Jenkins (USA)
    Speaker: Takashi Kadowaki (Japan)
  • IDW Presidential Lecture
    Chair: Takashi Kadowaki (Japan)
    Speaker: Akhtar Hussain (Norway)
  • 15th AASD Presidential Lecture
    Chair: Wayne H-H Sheu (Taiwan)
    Speaker: Yutaka Seino (Japan)
  • Plenary Lecture1
    Chair: Takashi Kadowaki
    Speaker: Domenico Accili (USA)
  • Plenary Lecture2
    Chair: Toshimasa Yamauchi (Japan)
    Speaker: Yukinori Okada (Japan)

Symposium Topics

Basic Science

  • Adiposcience
  • Imaging of pancreatic beta cell
  • MDIA I: Polygenic Diabetes
  • MDIA II: Monogenic Diabetes
  • AIBIS I: Islet Biology
  • AIBIS II: Incretin and β-cell Biology

Clinical Science

  • Current situation of SGLT2 inhibitor use in Asia
  • Diabetes and Cancer
  • Obesity in Diabetes
  • Ethnic differences in the progression of diabetic nephropathy
  • New insight of pathogenesis and management of sarcopenia associated with diabetes
  • Long-term complications in young onset diabetes
  • Dietary factors in the managements of diabetes
  • Clinical practice guideline for anti-diabetes medication in Asia
  • Management in diabetes in the aging society

Education and Care

  • WPR Disaster Program
  • Advocacy for the stigma of diabetes
  • Round table discussion on the status and problems of diabetes care
  • Guidelines for diabetes care of member societies
  • Round table discussion on IDF-WPR/AASD foot care
  • Advances in type 1 diabetes management

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