The 40th Annual Meeting of the Japan Society for Clinical AnesthesiaThe 40th Annual Meeting of the Japan Society for Clinical Anesthesia

For Speakers

*First Authors need to complete both [Digital Poster Data Submission] and [Online Registration].
We will announce more details about Online Registration on our website later.
If you do NOT register your digital poster data by the deadline, your abstract will be withdrawn and it will not be published in the abstract book.

Digital Poster

Both Oral and Poster Presentation will be replaced to Online Digital Poster.
Please submit your data by 5PM, October 26 (Mon), 2020 (JST).

Data Submission Deadline: 5PM, October 26 (Mon), 2020 (JST)

Our Data Submission Support Desk will send you your ID and PW by e-mail later when we are ready.

Data Submission

*Authors should read the following carefully.

1. Data Preparation

  • Please prepare your data using PowerPoint (maximum of 15 slides).
  • In case you have a conflict of interest, please add the COI Disclosure slide on the last page.
  • Data will be converted using PowerPoint 2019 installed on Windows 10. In case you register with a combination of other PowerPoint versions and OS, please check the font replacement, line feed misalignment, etc. in the online preview.
  • Please confirm your [Slide Size] is Standard (4:3)
  • PowerPoint files are imaged to prevent layout collapse. Therefore, animations can NOT be used.
  • Voice (narration) and movies can NOT be registered. You can use [Notes] instead.

2. Attentions

  • Please use the OS standard font. EX) Century, Century Gothic, etc.
  • Please do NOT use multiple fonts in one text box.
  • If you adjust the layout of characters with tabs or spaces, the conversion may not be accurate.
  • If you make an object transparent, an error may occur. Please change the color without making it transparent.
  • Please note that hidden slides are also converted.
  • If there are many [Group] function in the slides, the number of copies may differ from the actual number.
  • Please refrain from using [SmartArt] function. If you want to use the SmartArt, please export it to an image and paste it.
  • Do not save with a password. Also, please set [Protection of Presentation] to [Mark as Final] or [Always Open Read-Only].
  • Be sure to add the extension (.pptx) when saving.
  • Mac version Power Point is deprecated. Please confirm the operation with PowerPoint for Windows and save it again before registering.
  • Make the file size 50MB or less.

3. How to Register

Data Submission Deadline: 5PM, October 26 (Mon), 2020 (JST)


Registration of Presentation file

  • When saving the file, save it as a “PowerPointPresentation (*.pptx)”.
  • You may register 15 slides per one abstract.
  • File that can be uploaded is up to a total of 50MB.
  • Please do not save PowerPoint by making it the final version or setting a password. Also, files with macros cannot be registered.

File Registration Form

File Registration Method

1. Select the software that created the presentation file.
2. Please upload the file. In rare cases, large files may fail to upload. In that case, please upload again.
3. If the upload fails many times, move the ‘Internet Connection’ check to the right.
4. Select the number of presentation files.
5. Click the ‘Submit Presentation File’ button to proceed to data conversion.

Online Preview

  • When the presentation is converted, the screen automatically switches to the online preview screen. At the same time, an online preview guide email will be sent.
  • It will be completed in about 5 minutes.
  • On the online preview screen, after checking, if there are no problems, select “Registration Completed” or “Modified”.
  • Regardless of the confirmation status (“Registration Completed” “Modified”), the last registered data will be the final data.

How to Modify / Re-register

  • PowerPoint data can be modified during the registration period.
  • If you modify the data, register the data again on the registration screen. An email will be sent from the Support Desk upon registration and when conversion is complete. Please be sure to check and click the registration completion button.

Inquiries about Digital Poster
The 40th Annual Meeting of the Japan Society for Clinical Anesthesia (JSCA 2020)
E-mail: Ann

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