The 93rd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Pharmacological SocietyThe 93rd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Pharmacological Society
The 93rd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Pharmacological Society

Announcement to the Participants of 93JPS (as of February 17, 2020)

Since the situation caused by the current outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has been changing rapidly, we will announce whether or not the conference will be held as scheduled at the point by Friday, February 28 on the website. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

This is to inform you that we are going to hold the 93JPS as scheduled, however, there is a possibility of change or cancellation of some chairs, speakers or even some programs due to the coronavirus(COVID-19).

With due regard to the safe and healthy environment to the participants, we are trying hard to prepare the face masks or sanitizers for the conference period, however, the chronic shortage of them makes us impossible to prepare enough.
Therefore, we would appreciate it if you could bring your own masks to the conference.

Please inform us ( if you have symptoms such as cough or fever, not feeling well, if you have travelled to China within the last 2 weeks or have been in contact with infected people or those who are highly suspected to be infected.

If even one of the followings is relevant to you during the conference period,
please refrain from participating the conference.
・If your body temperature is higher than 37.5°C(99.5°F).
・If you have a symptom of respiratory infection (coughing, sore throat and so on)

If you are a presenter who has a symptom above and would like to cancel your presentation, we would be grateful if you could choose someone for your substitute and your presentation would be accomplished.

We will update the latest status on the website, so please check it out constantly.

Warning: Please be careful of fraud from the uncertain travel agency.

It has been reported to the congress secretariat of JPS93 that a session speaker received a call by someone pretending to be the official travel agency of this congress.
The uncertain travel agency allegedly offered him to arrange the discounted accommodation at the time.
Fortunately, he did not become a victim of fraud because he did not correspond to them.
However, please note this case carefully.

Neither the official travel agency, JTB or the congress secretariat of JPS93 will not call you directly about the accommodation discount.